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Cutting Support To Disabled People Will Deny Them A Career

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Says Joanna Mason in yesterday’s Guardian.

Tuesday marked the end of the Independent Living Fund (ILF), which has helped disabled people live an active life in their communities rather than being hidden away in residential care. Its demise comes despite immense protest, including one last week by campaign group Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) in the lobby of the House of Commons, supported by Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

ILF is not the only fund that is under attack. I am in receipt of Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), without which I would certainly struggle. It’s thanks to DSA-provided equipment, such as a laptop with speech recognition software and an audio recorder, that I can succeed in my degree despite a physical disability. But I could end up graduating and then struggling to make ends meet because the extra costs I have as a disabled person would no longer be…

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Disabled protesters try to storm Commons chamber during Prime Minister’s Questions forcing police lockdown

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Police lined up in Westminster’s Central Lobby to stop the campaigners, including around 10 in wheelchairs – but PMQs continued as normal

Save ILF protest

Noisy protest: Disabled activists were blocked from entering the Commons chamber by police

Disabled protesters have tried to storm the House of Commons chamber while David Cameron led Prime Minister’s Questions.

Police clashed with the activists today as the heart of Westminster went into lockdown – even though the weekly grilling continued as normal.

In noisy scenes in Westminster’s Cental Lobby police lined up outside the entrance to the chamber to stop the protesters, including around 10 in wheelchairs, from getting in.

One woman was led away by police as she tried to get into the chamber.

Another protester, Mary Johnson, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, said: “We tried to get down there because the Government needs to listen.

“We tried to get into the chamber but…

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Unemployment Is Not Caused By Unemployed People: Keep The Psychocrats Out Of Jobcentres

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This is potentially the most dangerous excercise in brutality towards some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Psychological therapy should always be a choice, a well planned decision by an individual.

This cannot be allowed to be implemented without a challenge!

Where are our mental health charities! They should be outraged!

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When I click my fingers you will wake up, and all your benefits will have been stopped. When I click my fingers you will wake up, and all your benefits will have been stopped.

There are some things which need nipping in the bud.  Forced psychological treatment for unemployed people is one of them.  As is the attempt by the DWP to reframe unemployment as a psychological defect or the result of a ‘negative’ attitude.

Unemployment is caused by a lack of jobs.  According to the Office for National Statistics, there are currently 1.81 million unemployed people of working age.  In addition to this there are 2.34 million people who are economically inactive and want a job, but do not meet the strict definition of unemployed.  This just means they either haven’t actively looked for a job in the last four weeks or would be unable to start a job within two weeks.  There are also 1.44 million people who are working part time because they…

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Undercover Autistic: Disclosing Autism in the Workplace

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Autistic – the word that I first heard applied to me my freshman year of college – it was weighted full of disdain, and I feared it. I feared it, knowing but little of the disorder I’d never really encountered, but had heard some very awful things about.

Autistic – the word that I learned more and more about, as I devoured everything I could read on the subject, which was just so utterly fascinating to me.

Autistic – the word that I learned explained the why of how I interacted with the world. The word that explained nearly everything that made me different from the people I was surrounded by.

Autistic – the word that gave me freedom from my fear and belief that I was just a completely broken person who would never succeed.

Autistic – the word that gave me power over myself and my environment.


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A Letter of Regret From Your Anxious and Depressed Friend

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Dear Friend,

I was not always this way.

I did not always hide away from the general public for months or weeks at a time. Once I was quite confident. I occasionally felt happy. I had a full time job and I could face customers with no concern. I would chat to people over the phone, make an effort to see friends, be interested in daily life. I could cope with negativity. Overcome it, even. I wouldn’t let anything bring me down because I had something inside me that made me keep going out there, into the world, facing it all.

But sometimes, Friend, things happen. Sometimes just one thing. Sometimes many things. The courage to face these things is strong at first, at least stronger than now. But depending on luck, or coincidence, or fate, or opportunity, eventually the voice of that courage for some people is quieter. Weaker…

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Shameless: Charity Bosses To Gather In Luxury Hotel For £715 Homelessness Conference

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£715 will pay for a room for a charity chief executive in a top hotel for just one night.  Please give generously. Sponsor a room. Just £715 will pay for for a charity chief executive to stay in a top hotel for two nights. Please give generously. You fucking mug.

Charity Chief Executives and so-called housing experts are gearing up for this year’s homelessness industry conference which is due to be held at a four star hotel with ticket prices as high as £715!

Next month’s Under One Roof conference is organised by charity umbrella body Homeless Link and provides a chance for homelessness experts to talk about homeless people without any actual homeless people being present.  This year’s swanky bash is being held at the Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire where according to Homeless Link  “Delegates staying overnight are also entitled to complimentary use of the leisure club facilities, which include a heated indoor swimming pool, fully equipped gym, sauna, spa, steam room and solarium.”

Were somebody who is homeless wishing…

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I’m a little despot

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Our democracy is in distress
And David Cameron does his best
To deal us all a dreadful mess:

I’m a little despot
There’s no doubt
Here lies shambles
Here’s to clout
When division’s roiling
Hear my louts
Split us up and core us out

I’m a special despot
Yes, new blue
Here’s what neoliberals do
I can turn my shambles into a rout
Whip you up and core you out

I’m a little despot
King of snouts
Here’s a tangle
North to South
When the tangle’s boiling
Hear me spout
It’s up to you to sort it out

I’m a special despot
Silent ‘clue’
There’s what who you know can do
I can turn my reason inside out
Tip me up, I might spill out

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