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Is Jobcentre-based therapy professional misconduct?

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Originally posted on Unsafe Spaces:

The government is pressing ahead with plans for psychological therapies to be offered to jobseekers claiming benefits. The three most prominent UK psychotherapy bodies – the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the UK Council for Psychotherapy, and the British Psychoanalytic Council – have all condemned the scheme as unethical and harmful. Their view is that the decision to enter therapy should be done freely, and not linked to somebody’s entitlement to benefits.

Over on Twitter, @Sectioned_ asked an interesting question. If that’s their view, does that mean therapists registered with those bodies can expect to face misconduct hearings if they participate in such a scheme? Since the question was posed, I decided to e-mail those organisations and ask them.

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#WRAG2ruin – Response to Budget ESA cuts

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Originally posted on Jane Young:

As widely trailed in the general election campaign and in the run-up to budget day, the Chancellor’s Summer 2015 budget included devastating cuts to social security and tax credits, effectively summarised by Disability Rights UK. Despite Osborne’s oft-repeated assurances, in both this and the last Parliament, that disability benefits would be excluded from cuts, there is much in the budget to cause deep concern for disabled people.  As in previous rounds of cuts, this is because disabled people rely as much, if not more than non-disabled people, on “mainstream” benefits – such as housing benefit and tax credits.

However, this time the Chancellor also let his axe fall on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA, which replaced Incapacity Benefit), for disabled claimants or claimants with a long term health condition/chronic illness who are unable to work. Under the Welfare Reform and Work Bill (link is to background…

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Compliance interview

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Aside from the distress caused to people facing these investigation over anonymous and malicious ‘tip offs’, does anyone ever question how much it’s costing in wasted resources to follow up the calls?
The right to remain anonymous should replace complete anonymity and mean if you someone’s alkegation is found to be untrue they can and should be prosecuted.

Originally posted on cinnamonplace's Blog:


I had a visit from a ‘ Compliance officer’ someone had made an allegation against me, that I’m able bodied, that I’m up and about, doing my own housework, walking my dog. Those who have firstly, read my previous blog know this is far from the truth, in fact impossible.

I have friends who voted Tory, for which I do not judge them ( it’s part of the ‘ human condition ‘ to do so ) but those who know me in real life please put aside your images of what people who are in receipt of National insurance claims are like. I’m the true face of ‘ benefits street ‘. Not those you see on Television or read about in the press. I and many others like me. We’re the True face. I would ask you to look at what the government that you voted for is doing to…

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Disability hate crime motivation survey – results

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Originally posted on Katharine Quarmby:

About a month ago, I designed and sent out a short survey about disability hate crime, concentrating on motivation, but also covering a few other questions such as location of incidents, gender and race of attackers and nature of the incident or attack. This was done under the auspices of the Disability Hate Crime Network, for which I work as one of the pro bono co-ordinators. Grateful thanks to all the co-ordinators, for all their input – it was so valuable – particularly Simon Green’s thoughts in the very early stages, when we came up with the idea, and later Anne Novis, Stephen Brookes, Mark Cutter, Mel Close, Rosemary Irwin, Sarah Hewitt and Beverley Smith.

We are all very grateful to everyone who has done the survey – it is only a small survey, but we believe it does shed some light on the motivation for some attacks, and hopefully…

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The benefit cap and why 750,000 children homeless is reality NOT scaremongering

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Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):

The reduced benefit cap at £23,000 in London and £20,000 elsewhere will see 9 times more households affected than as at today’s average 25,774 number with a £26,000 cap.

I have kept this post deliberately short and simple so that even the most incompetent, the most ignorant and even the most spineless Labour MP can see this policy is truly offensive and has horrific consequences

The Table below reveals 418,493 households of working age, defined as less than 65 with at least 3 children, and if we define working age at those under 60 there are 416,696 households who will be hit by the benefit cap unless they are exempt by receipt of working tax credit or DLA/PIP or the other welfare benefits which exempt.


I have been conducting extremely complex number-crunching using official datasets overlaid on each other and my best estimate is 245,000 households containing 805,000 children will be made homeless between April 2016…

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Women For The World – Val Green, Founder and Chief Executive

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Originally posted on Far be it from me -:

Val Green
Val GreenFounder & Chief Executive

Women at work

Governments and civil society have been trying for some time to increase the numbers of women at Board level in organisations, with relatively little success.  Considering that women make up half the population, their numbers in senior positions in the working world are woefully unrepresentative.  Sex discrimination legislation was introduced in the UK over 40 years ago.  Things have changed, but not as much as we might have expected back in 1974. There are clearly multiple and complex reasons for this.  I believe that one of the important ones is the lack of role models for senior women.  I believe that Board level stereotypes normally favour macho male characteristics: consequently women who want to lead in a different way are unlikely to get promoted to a level where they can do so.  Consequently talented women who want to get to Board…

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DWP Hires Miracle Lifestyle Guru Who Claims 95% Success Rate In Curing Mental Health Conditions!

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If this is, as most suspect, some NKP approach to treating mental illness it is reckless and dangerous….

Originally posted on the void:

definition-isanityFears that the psychological treatments to be introduced in Jobcentres will amount to little more than unscientific quackery look well founded with the appointment of a so-called stress and anxiety management company to provide service for claimants with a mental health condition.

Earlier in the month ITV reported that a company called Start Smiling Again would soon be working across several Jobcentres in South Wales.  According to Minister for Murdering Disabled People, Mark Harper, this is part of a package of support that shows that supporting people with a mental health condition is a priority for the current Government.

Start Smiling Again are run by David Rahman, who calls himself a Coach & Blueprint Therapist.  It is unclear whether anyone else is currently involved in the company as their website contains no company information, landline phone number or address.  Instead potential customers are invited to call Dave on his mobile. …

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