Slap Bang In The Middle Of The Medina

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When I used to say to folk I’m off to Egypt to relax they’d laugh, in that ‘she’s being ‘ironic’ way ! and then they’d realise I was serious and say, “What do you mean r e l a x ? You can’t relax there, its all hassle and noise!”

Then I’d explain and they’d nod but not quite agree. So, when I said ‘I’m off to Morocco, to do something quieter.’ I met the same reaction.

Of course it isn’t quiet slap bang in the centre of the Medina here in Marrakech, indeed there is quite a racket. Mopeds cruise the streets you walk almost brushing your arm as they career on by. People jostle to avoid carts filled with brightly coloured pots, melons the size of medicine balls and piled with freshly baked breads. Drums sound, bells ring, horses clatter past dragging tourists in brightly decorated calesh. Stall holders sell freshly squeezed orange juice to grateful parched customers and yell their stall number as you wander on by. The men with the monkeys will try to part you from your cash for a quick photo op, and snakes will eye you slyly from behind a stray arm, and henna ladies demand the promise of your return.

How a mind is kept busy with such sights to behold. How a body is made tired from wandering alleys and souks. How just being in a land where having stuff doesn’t matter means its a life much ‘quieter’.

2 thoughts on “Slap Bang In The Middle Of The Medina

    hedleylamarr said:
    June 29, 2012 at 8:10 am

    sounds much quieter than here. More 2 hour thunder storms make this the fourth month of appallingly bad weather. Surface water on the garden – can’t cut the grass – again – can’t do anything in the garden – very dark inside the house – damp patches on the walls – can’t close doors because they have expanded – damp and cold making the joints ache all the time – depressive mood coming in from the west – how much longer is this going to continue? – am at my wits end with it all – getting angrier and angrier – poor sleep pattern – tired all the time – i’ve had enough …………………..

    Carolyn Hughes said:
    June 26, 2012 at 9:50 am

    What a wonderfully evocative post. Amazing how you can find quiet amongst the turmoil!

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