One thought on “‘Falling Through The Cracks’ documentary on #disability hate crime and welfare cuts. #mhuk #wrb

    Paul Davidson said:
    June 8, 2012 at 11:01 am

    Hello Dawn/Everyone.

    I’m feeling very emotional after watching this.

    I was atthe Stop the cut’s Protest and I have some photos of the day but dare not publish them in case the Government identify and punish those pictured or daring to protest.

    The lady who gave a talk visibly moved so many as did Mr Laverty He has such an incredible way with words. and then a sertain Gentleman featured who spoke on camera after giving his own talk. His name is ”Stuart Bracken” who I have met a number of times. Stuart has fro many years been dedicated in helping others Myself included.

    Going back to around february/March last year I was in extreme emotional distress I was trying to duplicate a large amount of evidence I have been collecting over years of Hate Crime abuses and gross deliberate neglegences against me. I had paperwork coverning both my lounge floors at the time while O so desperately tried to duplicate them I had been posting on facebook and possibly even here in a ”Suicidal state. Somehow Stewart found out somehow Stewart had my phone number. Stewart read the signs and acted on them wher health professionals housing and the police failled to act. Stewart called me and ”SAVED MY LIFE”. Stewart I Salute You”. Thank You.

    Yet not even Stewart could stop the abuses which continued out of control I had to flee the property last may out of the fire in to the frying pan. where kids are allowed by the police to steal my garden prperty including my plant’s they derogertised me earlier this year when they came to see me. It was apparently a health problem ”Go see a doctor”

    I saw my doctor last year and angrily refused to believe the kids were a problem as other patients have not complained. to right they dont they are to afraid. I’m the only one around silly enough to have put plant’s in my garden.

    Joined up Services in my area ar just not willing to tackle Anti Social Behaviour including Hate Crime. they cant even admit it’s happening as they have so dismilly failed and cant admit to their mistakes. and cling on to the false perception that they are all so professional and do a wonderful job. ”NOT SO”.

    Well I have news for them Last week Paul started putting his evidence back together with more to add for the last 12 month.

    They will not abuse me in silence as I’m not putting up with their neglegences anymore. It’s not so much give them better training but to sack the bad ones it’s really that bad.

    My voice will be heard. my evidence will be read. it had better be acted on.

    Watch this space in the near future.


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