One thought on “Hate Crime, reporting and #disability. #mhuk #ukmh

    Paul Davidson said:
    June 5, 2012 at 11:30 am

    Hi Dawn just read it I cant log in as I dont know my wordpress password and my mail is not being accepted as valid when trying for a new password. what bad luck.

    I did talk at a Hate Crime Conference in Newcastle 2010. shown on the Pam and Ian show.

    If only I had of knew this conference was on?

    I’m sitting here prepairing for my third day of exaustive evidence gathering and duplicating it four fold a huge task for me.

    Evidence of shocking Hate Fuelled abuses going back to 2004 I can go back to 2003

    The neglect I’m enduring is permanent due to the abuses.

    Well Paul is making one very massive stand.

    ”I will not be abused in silence”

    I promise you all as long as myevidence is read and acted on I will shake the foundations down to the ground of more than one organation.

    To my abusers. ”Be afraid, Be very afraid”.


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