Lets talk about Claudette Lawrence and let’s help out too! #mhuk #ukmh @raceforlife #cancer @Rethink_ @MindCharity @TimetoChange

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It’s Not All About Me Me ME, Today It’s About Claudette!

It’s fair to say that I can sometimes be a sarcastic and cynical old bat – well perhaps not ‘old’ – and that I spend quite a substantial part of my time on-line being scornful, and that’s not necessarily helpful all the time, I can see that.  Which is why, today, I’ choosing to do something different….

I would like to introduce to you Claudette Lawrence. 


Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing who this Lady is, why would you? She’s quite unassuming.  I do know Claudette, and I don’t quite know where to begin in asking you, the reader of the post, to take a closer look at this self-effacing, dedicated and decent woman.

I’d like to think that at some point in our lives we are all blessed by having crossed paths with someone whom we think is perhaps just too gentle for a cruel world, too kind for country becoming starved of humanity and someone who selflessly gives and never expects a return.

Claudette Lawrence is one of these people, and when I have been fortunate to be in her presence I quickly become aware my my own shortcomings and it’s a reminder to me that I have so much to work on to become even half the person she is. She has campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness of stigma and discrimination in mental health, sharing her own painful stories in the hope of breaking down barriers.  She lobbies politicians, and attends parliament striving to make policy makers aware of the effects such things as benefit cuts and changes to social care will have on people whose lives are complicated by mental ill health.  She does this at huge personal cost, her own physical and mental health is affected by fluctuating conditions, although I’ve yet to hear her say that this is a barrier to her determination to help create change. 

Here’s an taster of some of her work:





You won’t see Claudette ‘blowing her own trumpet’, she quietly campaigns and I think is quite unaware that she is an inspiration to us all.  This quiet, gentle, unassuming Lady desrves her moment in the spotlight and this is why I’d like to ask you to consider helping me do that.

This year Claudette is taking part in Cancer Research’s ‘Race For Life’.  Her own life has been difficult recently, yet still she is selflessly giving up her time to raise finds for this Charity. She’s set herself a goal of raising £200 and I think we could all help her reach that goal.

A donation from you could make all the difference to Claudette reaching that modest total and help us to say ‘Thank You’ to a mental health campaigner who have given us so much for so many years.

No need to dig deep, every penny counts, and quite frankly it would make my day to see Claudette reach her target.  

THIS IS CLAUDETTE’S FUNDRAISING PAGE:  Please consider a click n some cash:


On twitter Claudette is: @lilacpassion

2 thoughts on “Lets talk about Claudette Lawrence and let’s help out too! #mhuk #ukmh @raceforlife #cancer @Rethink_ @MindCharity @TimetoChange

    Rich Wakefield said:
    May 12, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    I am privileged to call Claudette a good friend… i spend half my life trying to make her believe just how special she is. So good to see others writing this, but i bet she still won’t belive it!! She is like that… so brave, compassonate and modest.

    Lynn Harrison said:
    May 12, 2012 at 11:48 am

    Claudette is a star!

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