One thought on “#Bullied people more prone to self-harm, research finds. #mhuk #ukmh #ptsd

    Paul Davidson said:
    April 29, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Dawni I refere you and others to my hoome page on my website.

    At 54 years old I’m still begging for counselling around my childhood experiences including in the classroom. at my first proper school a teacher would throw or threaten to throw alump of wood at me. he allowed another kid to attack me at will. as I sat in the back corner all alone. abused in the home/school/ attacked in the area I lived. and once a timid victim always a timid victim. as I got older more violent attacks upon me abuse in the workplace. as they picked up on my vulnerability.

    I also smash my head off walls pull my hair out ‘STARVE’ AND ‘SMOKE’ MYSELF TO DEATH. Attempt ‘suicide’ Due to yet more shocking bullying around my housing situation.

    Yet I have no professional supporting me in anyway whatever.

    I’m fed up off living a life as punch bag. for sick people.

    I pray todays new victims get urgent support otherwise in the future their problems will errupt.

    Expert by extreme and Oh so real, adverse experiences. .

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