Month: February 2012

South Hams Council Bailiff sends abusive text to female with mental illness. #mhuk #ukmh

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“Then you are wrong and are the fool” replies hired Goon, when woman disputed owing anything in arrears to South Hams District Council. She had already clearly defined herself as someone with a mental illness.   Clearly not very nice, professional or trained in how to deal with customers with complex needs.

Prime example of mental health stigmatising attack. #mhuk #ukmh #whatstigma

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An example of how they attack…. (a post borrowed, with thanx, from campaigning group  DPAC – Disabled People Against The Cuts on Facebook).  You can find out more about DPAC’s work:


‘Andrew Ramsay says:

“What difference does it make who I vote for, this is a social issue! Misinformed? Maybe you should actually look up the statistics fo the number of people in the uk with mental health problems, you’ll find that the majority of the population have them, but they don’t down tools and milk the dole, they get on with life, I fully support disabled people getting support, but people claiming disability for ‘mental health’ is bullshit, how does your beer fit in with your mental health issues, known that it is a depressant? I just think your full of shit, your perfectly capable of earning your own living but choose to leech off the sweat of others, and when we turn around and tell you the pot if money has gone, you complain that we’re savages! I put it to you, I would love you to tell all the hard working families out there that they don’t pay enough to support you, if we treat you that poorly why don’t you piss off somewhere else, I hear Greece has an excellent benefits system, and I’m sure the weather will improve your mental wellbeing as well” ‘