‘Holding Our Own’.

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For every fight we reach out to seize
We are lost, a lesser detainee,
And while they shout it’s user voiced,
Our words are from another, determinedly foist.

So shall we fall and be again left behind.
And be forced to hold the hand claiming our mind?
Dear friends it’s time, we must do our best.
To keep mental health unsuppressed.

If we’re good enough to fight as they fall;
Then we’re equal in our place with them all.
Disabilities claim not the body alone
And the mentally ill? We can hold our own!


Dawni  29/12/2011

One thought on “‘Holding Our Own’.

    Paul Davidson said:
    December 29, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Dearest Dawni. No wonder I voted you PRIME MINISTER YESTURDAY.

    Im battling on Dawni Fight on I mustlike never before. time’s are a changing. and not for the better. So we either step up to the mantle, ore freefall forever.

    Check out ”DAVIDSON” On the Guardian. a very interesting blog is emerging.

    Have a stupendous wee tipple for me Dawni.as I man the website’s lol.

    Happy New Year I hope to all your amazing Family friends followers supporters . etc etc.


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