Month: December 2011

I hope “you dance”. #Thanks #mhuk #ukmh #mentalhealth

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As the year draws to a close and we all face 2012 together, let take this opportunity to thank you all for reading my words, pretending to laugh at my jokes,  for re-tweeting and sharing the links I’ve posted, You’ve all  played your part in keeping the ‘Mentally Wealthy’ in the minds of people who would otherwise forget.
My best wishes to you all – I truly hope “you dance”.


Kaliya Franklin and Lisa Egan radio moments of the day! #hardesthit #disability

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Kaliya Franklin’s BBC Merseyside link from this morning  section starts about 1h20min and Lisa Egan on BBC Breakfast 

‘Holding Our Own’.

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For every fight we reach out to seize
We are lost, a lesser detainee,
And while they shout it’s user voiced,
Our words are from another, determinedly foist.

So shall we fall and be again left behind.
And be forced to hold the hand claiming our mind?
Dear friends it’s time, we must do our best.
To keep mental health unsuppressed.

If we’re good enough to fight as they fall;
Then we’re equal in our place with them all.
Disabilities claim not the body alone
And the mentally ill? We can hold our own!


Dawni  29/12/2011