Month: October 2011

‘My Illness A Sinister Masquerade Ball.’ by Dawni #bipolar #mhuk

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My Illness A Sinister Masquerade Ball


When have had I this cooling invite,

From your calming ripples in calm moonlight?

And what would it take my standing last night,

To glide into your depths like a bird of night?


Standing alone by the edge of your shore,

Feeling the weight of my forty year war.

Thinking ‘My God, I’ve been here before.

What the hell am I struggling and fighting for?’


Storm clouds in my mind were amassed.

Their arrival came hurricane fast.

I didn’t want to hold out until the last ,

Could cope no longer with the dead hand of my past.


My illness a sinister masquerade ball,

Where death waits in the wings final curtain call.

Last night I was saved by a quick curve ball.

Yet I know my life depends on the next squall.

Copyright: Dawn Willis 20/10/2011