Concerned by #ATOS clamping down on Social Media and Help Forums? Tell them! Be #outraged! #mhuk #disability #hardesthit

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Do you have concerns about ATOS and the Work Capability Test?

Perhaps you are worried about the spate of closures affecting groups such as ‘CarerWatch’ whose private members were given a forum to discuss their needs and concerns about many topics, including ATOS.

Does it bother YOU that it has been ‘ALLEGED’ that two members of ATOS staff made ALLEGEDLY demeaning comments about Disabled People on their Facebook pages?  Would you like to know if ATOS plan to take action following these ALLEDGED comments?

What about the  12 doctors, employed by Atos as Disability Analysts, who are ALLEGEDLY under investigation by the General Medical Council for alleged misconduct.

Does it concern YOU that I have to use terms such as ‘allegedly, alledged, allegations and such derivatives when discussing ATOS for fear of finding my own BLOG ‘shut down’ without (allegedly WARNING, as others have allegedly been?  If you are outraged that the right to freedom of speech and right to association by people affected by ATOS proceedures is extrememe and unfair perhaps you would like to address your concerns to:

James Loughrey

UK General Counsel
Atos IT Services UK Limited (Legal Department)
4 Triton Square
Regents Place

London NW1 3HG

Failing that you could approach your MP – if you don’t know who yours is, the link below will easily help you find out, and give you means to contact them directly.

Feel free to leave a comment but the blog is no longer continually monitored.

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