‘Lonely Doll In A Jar': An Ode To A Bully. #bullying #workplacebullying #mhuk

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Lonely Doll In A Jar (An Ode To A Bully)

In entering your lair with doe eyed innocence

I was taken by you into your distorted hell,

Where neglected folk, sat where once they fell,

Awaiting their fate, the presence of your monstrance.

When at once awoken to your schemes to keep them beholden,

Secured in your barren mental health mousetrap,

Filling fearful minds with hopelessness, claptrap,

Was when I was destined for your wrath, your bullying hangman.

And it hits me today a stark blow to the head,

There truly is no escape for you stuck, warped, seeing red.



Copyright: Dawn Willis July 2011

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