Month: January 2011

Postcode lottery in NHS has failed my son

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A DAD says his young son is being prevented from getting the specialist help he needs because of a “postcode lottery” in Healthfunding.

Greater London Minority Ethnic Achievement Awards

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Join the Network for Black Professionals and Team 11 at the forthcoming Greater London Minority Ethnic Achievement Awards celebrating the best in business, innovation and education.

Exeter College in Cyber Bullying Controvesy

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A CONTROVERSIAL website contains dozens of deeply offensive and personal comments about Exeter students.

The site – which is not being named by the Echo – was brought to the attention of senior college staff by a parent who said her daughter’s life was being made a misery by remarks on it. Exeter College heads have now stepped in to ban students using the site.

Comments are attached to educational institutions and users are then asked to rate whether each is true or not.

The comments about named students included intimate references to sex lives, personal hygiene and appearance. Headteachers reacted with outrage when it was brought to their attention, and many schools have been removed from the site’s listings.

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RETHINK’s Coalition Of 10.

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A voluntary sector consensus is emerging on key aspects of the NHS Health and Social Care Bill. The issues outlined below been developed by Rethink, Alzheimer’s Society, Asthma UK, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the British Lung Foundation, British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, the Stroke Association and National Voices, drawing on the wider National Voices membership of more than 100 charities.

We welcome the Government’s aim for a health service that puts patients at its heart. However, we have noted several cross-cutting concerns that we would like Parliamentarians to raise in Monday’s debate, to ensure that ‘no decision about me without me’ becomes a reality in the new NHS:

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