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‘Alex Jones and Sean Lock’… One Clanger Jones!

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Alex Jones and Sean Locke

Sean chats previous jobs, including working in a kitchen in a psychiatric unit …

Alex asserts that that experience must have given him plenty of material.

Sean disagrees and ignores…


Crippen looks at the experience of protest gained by disabled people

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29 November 2010

Crippen's cartoon about the experience of disabled protestersCrippen’s US cartoon


A Day of Mourning for the Welfare State, Justice and Equality has been arranged to co-incide with the royal wedding on Friday 29th April, 2011 at 1400 hrs. This is just one of the expressions of outrage being expressed by people effected by the cuts to education, housing, public transport, the NHS, the Welfare State and much more.

Whilst bankers and speculators celebrate another year of profit and Tory and LibDem politicians congratulate themselves on having continued to fool the vast majority of the public, students and school children, teachers and lecturers, trades unionists, disabled activists, mums and dads, grandparents, NHS staff, public transport workers, Local Government workers, etc., all continue to unite their voices in protest.

Disabled people are also taking to the streets like never before, fighting back against the claims that they are responsible for the state that the country is in by fraudulantly claiming benefits that they are not entitled to. Scapegoated once again by a government determined to distract people away from where the blame really lies. Which is why they view this royal wedding as such a good thing – more televised opiate for the masses!

Regular Crips, who used to look at Disabled activists as a different species altogether are now joining with us to protest against the unfairness of the government’s slash and burn tactics. We need this new energy that these newcomers are bringing to the fight. Many of us, having been protesting and fighting for Civil Rights for more years than we care to remember welcome this infusion of new blood.

Unfortunately though, not all protesters see things this way. Although united in their stand against the ConDem’s devisive policies, many non-disabled protesters still don’t understand that Disabled people have just as much right to protest as they do. This has manifested itself in inaccessible venues being chosen for protest meetings, no provision being made to allow us to transcribe information into alternative formats, no accessible transport being arranged to travel with others to different areas of the country, etc.

If anything, we have more right to be on the front lines of this current period of protest. We’ve been the ones, albeit not receiving much coverage in the press, who have been fighting consistently against oppression in these forms since the first World War. We are the one’s who, having amassed a great deal of knowledge around civil disobedience campaigns can bring a whole wealth of experience to this current fight.

We’re not asking for ‘special’ allowances to be made, just that our right to protest with other members of society is acknowledged. Because, let’s face it, this is basically what we’re all protesting about anyway – the right for everyone to be treated equally, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, impairment, age or ethnicity and with full access to education, housing, health care, employment and retirement without a few fat cats siphoning off all the cream!

To all of you non-disabled protesters out there, look upon Disabled people as a resource, rich in experience and networked into thousands of other Crips all around the world.

Together we can change society into a fairer, more equal place to live.

News that GP’s win only 4% of NHS cash. Is this Good or Bad News for Mental Health?

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GPs frozen out of community services

Government figures show GPs have won just 4% of almost £10bn worth of NHS cash being divested as part of controversial moves to formally separate PCTs commissioning and provider arms by April 2011.

Merton charity wants birthday volunteer boost.

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A mental health charity is aiming to celebrate its birthday by boosting volunteer numbers.

The Merton branch of the Association for Pastoral Care in Mental Health (APCMH) is looking for help to expand its befriending service to mark the organisation’s 20th birthday next year. More volunteers are needed to hit APCMH’s target of providing the service in the homes of 50 clients.

‘Mutterings On Closing Down’ by dawn.

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How Deafening must I be,

Before You can hear me?


How Colourful must I be,

Before You will see me?


How Dead must I be,

Before You will, Know Me?

Breaking News: Clegg refuses to give children Xmas presents despite promises

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Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister for the Coalition government, has sensationally refused to give his children any Christmas presents this year despite promises being made for lots of presents in April.

Nick Clegg also revealed that he never had any intention of giving his children Christmas presents and made the promise so they would behave themselves and vote for him for the Daddies Sauce Dad of the Year award previously won by John TerryRead on:

Hope Not Hate on the EDL protests.

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There’s been a lot of talk about the EDL protests yesterday but the best sources are always those that were present. Here’s a view from one of our HOPE not hate organisers who was present in Nuneaton yesterday. I think you’ll agree he sums up the fear and anger generated by the EDL violence very well:

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(thanx Lynn Harrison) x

Plans to review the sentencing of females committing crimes.

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Sentence review to slash numbers of women in jail

 Ministers set for change amid warnings that females are severely affected by incarceration

Course developed for fitness instructors working with service users.

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Fitness course to help mental health problems


THE first course of its kind has been developed for fitness instructors working with people with mental ill health.

The move comes as more people are being referred to exercise schemes after being diagnosed with mental health problems.

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Health bill delayed until ‘early next year’

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Health bill delayed until ‘early next year’


Exclusive: The Government has delayed the publication of its health bill until early next year, meaning GPs will have to wait until January at the earliest to see Andrew Lansley’s radical commissioning plans come before Parliament.

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Dorset Health Care’s Mail Scare.

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SENSITIVE details of a man’s mental health problems, including his suicide attempts and self-harm, have been sent out to a stranger by mistake.

Full story!

‘Life Force’! A Guide for Veterans

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Guide on way to help veterans with mental health problems

Click on thumbnail to view image
Click on thumbnail to view image
Click on thumbnail to view image
Click on thumbnail to view image
Click on thumbnail to view imagePublished Date: 26 November 2010
By Simon Bristow
A NEW guide to support veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces in the East Riding is being launched in Hull on Monday.

Life Force, which has been written in conjunction with the Scottish Association for Mental Health, will be launched in a conference at the KC Stadium, with guest speakers from Defence Mental Health, the King’s Centre for Military Research, the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine and the Army Families’ Federation

Psychiatry Ethics Film Festival at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse

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Psychiatry debates and screenings at the Filmhouse

Stephen Fry, Winona Ryder and Nigel Hawthorne star in this weekend’s Psychiatry Ethics Film Festival at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse – here we have guest bloggers Jackie and Christopher Bechtel examining ethical issues linking the films

Alabaré and Mental Health help and advice.

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PEOPLE with mental health problems can now get extra support at the click of a mouse.

Alabaré Include, which provides mental health day services across the whole of Wiltshire, has launched a website. The new website, which can be found at is a resource for clients, along with their friends, families and carers, and includes a range of information and services.

South West Winter Appeal.

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Join our appeal and spread cheer to those most in need across the South West

This year has been a difficult one for many people across the South West.

But while many people are having to cut back on their merrymaking during the festive season, there are large numbers of people who are fighting hard simply to keep going.

These are people affected by extreme poverty but also with other problems; the infirmity and isolation of old age, mental illness, addiction and being an unpaid carer for relatives.

That is why we are today proud to be launching the Christmas Unwrapped appeal in partnership with the Devon and Cornwall Community Foundations.

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Oliver James on Cameron, happiness and mental health.

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David Cameron should measure mental health, not happiness

Measuring happiness is superficial. We need to address why we are twice as likely to be mentally ill as our European neighbours


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Transforming Community Services?

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From April next year, new NHS organisations will provide more choice for patients and have a vital role in the transfer of care and treatment from hospital settings to help patients with their recovery or manage their healthcare needs.

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Is Wiltshire Doorframe Being ‘Framed’ by Sgt Andrews? Speculation grows… ;-P

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A Wiltshire door frame is expected to be charged with the actual bodily harm of a woman in custody after a policeman previously imprisoned for the act, was found not guilty on appeal.

Sgt Mark Andrews, of Wiltshire Police, was filmed ushering Pamela Somerville through Melksham police station whilst whistling the theme tune to 1970’s classic ‘On the buses’, in July 2008.

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Dave’s Fave, Hammersmith & Fulham Council, leading the charge against disabled.

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Cameron’s favourite council could see thousands homeless when housing benefit is cut

Housing charity Shelter has warned that Government proposals to cut housing benefit will leave 134,000 British households homeless when they are introduced next year

by Cary Gee
Friday, November 26th, 2010

Housing charity Shelter has warned that Government proposals to cut housing benefit will leave 134,000 British households homeless when they are introduced next year.

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Camerdrone speaks out on Student Protests (may cause offence)

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from Mind InFlux and Black Triangle – Anti-Defamation Campaign In Defence of Disabled Claimants


Tory MP doesn’t accept that financial concerns are leading to alarming increases in suicide.

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Financial clampdown not to blame for rise in suicides, says MP

CLACTON’S MP has hit back at claims Government spending cuts are to blame for a rise in suicides.

Labour has highlighted a report claiming the number of people trying to kill or hurt themselves is increasing.

National NHS figures reveal the yearly number of hospital admissions for self-harm has risen by almost 10,000 over the past three years to more than 104,000.

However, Tory MP Douglas Carswell said Labour had been in power for most of that period.

Leading mental health charity Rethink said the current economic climate was likely to push the figure even higher.

Chief executive Paul Jenkins said: “This alarming increase is likely to be due, in part, to increased financial insecurity and other worries associated with the economic crisis.

“Many people are reporting heightened levels of distress in response to cuts to welfare benefits, for example.

“Self-harm is most common in young people, who may also be suffering disproportionately from the effects of the economic downturn.”

Clacton Labour Parliamentary spokesman Keith Henderson seized on the comments, claiming the Government’s cuts were hitting the most vulnerable.

He said: “The social consequences of the economic crisis, which will only be made much worse by the savage cuts being driven through by David Cameron and George Osborne, are beginning to reveal themselves in all their horror. There has been a dramatic rise in the number of people hospitalised after harming themselves.”

Mr Henderson said students faced crippling debts after “outrageous” increases in tuition fees.

He added: “This crisis affecting our young people is deeply alarming. The despair of this generation, revealing itself in this sad increase in self-harm, alongside an increase in suicide, is a damning indictment of the coalition’s economic strategy.”

Mr Carswell accused Mr Henderson of playing politics.

He said: “Mental health is something that affects the lives of many local people. “As their local MP, I have got to know many of those affected by mental health problems.

“Having helped spearhead the fight to save Peter Bruff Ward at Clacton Hospital, I know how important it is that those with mental health problems get the help they need.

“I find it distasteful that a party spokesman appears to be suggesting the increase in mental health cases is due to efforts to fix the financial mess left by the last government.

“It is precisely this kind of partisan attack that puts so many people off politics.”