The Pigeon Of Mental Health

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a Dawni scribble.

Dear Poorly Pigeon in Paddington Station

I think I know how much you hurt

When the others around ignore you

Invisible, there, in the dirt.

Will you huddle there, Poorly Pigeon

Your head bowed in pain,

Until your life simply slips away

And wonder, do you die in vain?

I know you Poorly Pigeon, I know Your name,

You’ve always been part of my life,

When people set out to ignore me,

Scar me, and twist their evil knife.

We are together Poorly Pigeon,

A symbol of society’s mould,

A stark reminder that for some of us,

Life can be rotten, cruel and cold.

I wish I could save us Poorly Pigeon,

Soar away from this place,

But in our lives there are terrible things

We have little choice but to face.

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