Bullying at work can affect mental health say MIND! Just hope y’all practice what ya preach…

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Mind: Workplace bullying can affect mental health

16th July 2010

Barrier-free training in the workplace may be required to tackle staff bullying, which one industry expert believes can have a tremendous impact on people’s wellbeing and self-esteem.

Emma Mamo, policy and campaigns manager at Mind – a mental health charity operating in England and Wales – advised businesses that they should not be taking any incidences lightly.

“It can have repercussions for mental health,” she explained. “People can experience stress, depression and be signed off sick as a result.”

Ms Mamo recommended that anyone feeling under pressure in this way voice their concerns with their line manager or with HR, whose job it is to address the situation from both sides in order to reach a solution.

It may be that the bully in question is unaware that their behaviour is intimidating, she went on.

Her comments reflect findings of a survey by Sheffield University researchers, revealing a strong connection between workplace bullying and the development of mental health conditions, the Yorkshire Post reported.

6 thoughts on “Bullying at work can affect mental health say MIND! Just hope y’all practice what ya preach…

    The Cat from Ex said:
    July 18, 2010 at 10:47 am

    Bullying at work is an epidemic and the charity sector do with without recourse. They use their ‘Mindful Employer’ status, which mean s*d all, to tick the equalities box, but care little on whether the employee is actually treated correctly in the workplace.

    I was there when a Mind employee was bullied and pushed out of her job in a local mind, pushed out by the management and the staff who had been there for years and were just a bunch of lazy good for nothings happy to sit and play ludo all day for their quite substantial wages. That employee was someone with a mental health history and probably one of the better ones there because she didn’t want to ‘do things’ for all of the Users, she wanted to enncourage some of them to become more independent.

    Even when I tried to stand up and give evidence to the local PCT I found myself under atttack by the management of that MIND, they spread rumours and lies and had no regard for the fact that I was a service user. So Dave, it’s not just National Mind who have problems it’s some of their local branches, operated by egomaniacs.

      Dave Neenan said:
      July 18, 2010 at 1:37 pm

      Cat, I’m really sorry to read about your experiences of being bullied , I realise it can be traumatic and I’ve experienced workplace bullying firsthand in the charity sector too .I left one org shortly after taking on a full-time position to avoid becoming a part of something I felt was tantamount to bullying and then faced the kind of recriminations you probably encountered at PCT level when I tried to raise concerns about what I felt was wrong through the appropriate channels. What a laugh! The Pulse survey I referred to in an earlier comment indicated that medical and social welfare charities were top of the bullying league . That’s an interesting finding as it strongly suggests – and I’m assuming these orgs employ people from their client group nowadays – that they must be manifesting the very stigma and discrimination they know their client group faces through their work practices. It’s not good enough is it and, yes, Mind’s HR line is just corporate waffle, once HR are involved then in majority of cases employee already has one foot outside of the workplace no matter what her position within the charity or firm is .

    Dave Neenan said:
    July 17, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Workplace bullying not only sucks it destroys peoples lives. I knew a college lecturer who took her own life as a direct result of being openly bullied by her professional colleagues and students and they simply picked on her because she was a bit eccentric. So I’m all in favour of this Mind initiative however, and there’s no delicate way of putting this, National Mind has a bit of a reputation of mistreating its employees and service users as well.

    The charity’s treatment of its own workforce – including unpaid volunteers – may well have improved in the last couple of years. I hope so , I don’t know anyone who works for Mind anymore so really can’t say, but as the recent Pulse study identified outright bullying as still very much a live issue within the UK charity sector, particularly in medical and social welfare charities I think Mind, the largest charity mental health service provider in the country , should step up to the plate here and come clean about how it turned around its own workplace culture of bullying , not simply talking up its current corporate anti-bullying policies but detailing how it realised that bullying was a problem within Mind and its workforce and how it set about addressing this so that it can concretely show other businesses , that may well agree with Mind’s anti-bullying initiative but be reluctant to self-examine , that this is a poacher turned gamekeeper initiative and that Mind is prepared to lead by example not just tell others what to do.

      Dawn Willis responded:
      July 18, 2010 at 10:29 am

      Dawn, gives Dave a wry grin, whilst raising one eyebrow (Roger Moore Like) and wishing she didn’t have a ‘gagging order’ on this subject.

        Dave Neenan said:
        July 18, 2010 at 1:03 pm

        Dave responds with Thunderbird puppet eye brow gesture to indicate he fully understands ethical predicament Dawn alludes to …….even if he doesn’t…… .

        On Roger Moore, I recently started watching old episodes of ‘The Saint ‘ :-)

    Paul Davidson said:
    July 17, 2010 at 10:34 am

    I would like to thank publicly Emma Mamo, and National Mind for this very important work.

    Before I staggered in the the Mental Health System, in 1999, I had much the same idea’s. I alway’s felt that people being discriminated againt harrassed mocked ridiculed by other workers should be able to talk about their problems to the forman, line manager, to sort out the problem, the problem being many people in the work place just can’t help picking on vulnerable workers, for reasons only known to themselves????

    I do speak with great personal experience over many years, I have stated many times that Employers were my biggest barrier to finding sustaining work.

    That is Employers who never saw my potential, Employers who saw me as unemployable because I was honest enough to say I was on Medication Employers who could not stand up to other workers who mentally abused me Including Line Managers and forman’s who along with their little click of work mate’s utterly destroyed my faith in Society. The harder and more efficient I was the more the Nutter jibe’s were,all because I got stuck in to the Job as I was mean’t to do.

    In that sense working hard was good for my health, as I later described it as, ”Digging away the pain”.).

    Swinging the pick ore shovel as fast and efficient as possible, ”Time in Motion”). Fast repettative efficient cost saving work rate, that any Employer should be most grateful for. yet many times in the work place I was shunned by other workers due to my commitment to the job.

    How I wished I had a reasonable Education, enough to get me valued enough to be classed as a Human Being, valued enough to be thought of as a valued worker. Now all I can do is reach out the the World.

    Someone help” Please Help” Help the younger Paul’s of this world, to be valued as a fellow Human Being, who just want’s to be part of the team, to earn his wages with pride, and even rewarded with equal pay as the worker next to him who sometimes idle’d on the job while I doubled the work rate. to make up for his lazyness. and sometimes LABELED ME AS A NUTTER” ”lOONEY” ”MAD” All because I was a little quiet withdrawn in the company of fowl mouthed not so co workers.

    If you havean interest in any of this Please visit my web site. http://www.odesofsurvival.co.uk click on trauma’s to see one example of how a line Forman should NOT behave.

    Thank you Mammo thank you Mind for your possitive work.

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